Ancillary Services


We can supply, install and maintain a wide range of instrumentation from a single basic measuring device to complex linked systems with integrated control, dosing and monitoring capabilities.

Some of the most commonly required instruments and monitoring devices are listed below, but we know that in many cases, our customers will require a combination of two or more instruments to permit the creation of a fully integrated control and monitoring system (See also our section on Control Panels)

  • Level control: This can be achieved via the use of simple On/ Off level switches, for example to start a pump when a vessel is full, or to stop a pump when a vessel is empty. Alternatively, more sophisticated level detection can be used including Pressure Transducers or Ultrasonic Level Sensors, which can provide measurement and liquid level control to a high degree of accuracy.
  • Level control for solids: Achieved via a ‘Soliphant’ or solids level monitor, very useful where powders or granular materials are to be measured.
  • Temperature measurement – generally achieved using PT100 sensors with appropriate probe covers / materials to suit the medium and the temperature range to be monitored. Simple control panel readout or control of heating or cooling processes can also be provided.
  • Conductivity / Salinity – In-line probes for conductivity / salinity, again with simple control panel readout or control of dilution or concentration, dosing pumps and similar processes can also be provided.
  • There are many other instruments that may be used, for example to measure or control pH, turbidity, chlorine, flow, and so on. Please consult us for assistance with your control and monitoring problems – it is very likely we will have dealt with most combinations of measurement and control before.
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