Pipework Overview

We can design, manufacture, and deliver pipework in any of the following materials:

Thermoplastic pipework:  ABS, CPVC, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVDF, UPVC.

Reinforced Plastic Pipework:  Celmar/GRP, CPVC/GRP, PVDF/GRP, UPVC/GRP and GRP.
  2km of 600mm dia polypropylene pipework installed on site in Billingham.

  High and low level pipework.             Includes bends and lobsterbacks.

The above ground piping project illustrated above involved the design and installation of a polypropylene pipeline to transfer CO2 at very low pressures. The difficult pipe route ran for over 2km and incorporated more than 2000 pipe welds.

The project involved the installation of 560mm diameter SDR 28 polypropylene pipe, together with a large quantity of fabricated bends and associated fittings.

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