Rectangular Tanks

Not all of our Tanks are Cylindrical. Some applications such as those in metal treatment or printing  require tanks which are tailored to fit the sizes and shapes of their products and processes.It may also be preferable where floor space and height restrictions are an issue.

For these and similar applications, IFD have the solution in our range of rectangular tanks. Manufactured in Polypropylene,HDPE or GRP these bespoke tanks offer the solution for simple storage to almost infinite lengths as part of a process line. Offering good chemical resistance, these tanks offer the answer from basic water storage to high concentration pickling vessels.

Each tank is individually designed with the necessary totally encapsulated steel support frame and can be fitted with roller mountings, pipework and instrumentation to provide you with a long-life, maintenance free solution.

Our in-house manufacturing expertise enables us to provide you with a quality product, delivered on time and on budget. Furthermore, our full-service installation teams are at your service, whether you require basic installation of the tank on site, or all the necessary interconnectiong pipework, pumps, valves and controls.

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