We pioneered the fabrication and installation of polypropylene in the late 60's and we have been involved in pipework fabrication ever since.

Thermoplastic pipework is now available in many different types, uPVC, CPVC, HDPE, PVDF and the ever dependable polypropylene. All of these have to be applied according to their strengths and analysing costs, i.e. PVDF is an expensive option and chemical resistance has to be one principle factor.

We are able to offer our service as a pipework contractor in situations as diverse as mains water pipework, fire mains, swimming pools, fume extraction, chilled brine lines or chemical transfer and for really difficult and hazardous liquids, double containment complete with leak detection.

Whether the installation is part of our tank manufacturing and installation, or simply an installation involving plastic pipes, our expertise is on offer.

We would welcome the opportunity of discussing your ideas and needs without commitment at an early stage in your considerations. Feel at liberty to approach us and our free and impartial customer orientated design facilities can promptly be at your disposal without obligation.

For further information or enquiries please fill out our form on the contact page or simply ring 01472 350543 to discuss your requirements.

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