Ancillary Services


Eg:  Food Processing / Chemical Processing Works / Pre-wetting Brine Systems:

Flocktons TVP offer a full after-sales care and maintenance service.  When a Turnkey Process System (or other multi-component system) is installed on a customer’s site, our experienced engineers will commission and test all component parts to make sure that every item functions correctly, and interfaces properly with the rest of the system.

We strongly recommend that regular service visits be carried out to ensure correct preventative maintenance and to catch minor problems before they become major headaches or possibly even cause a system failure. Many of our systems operate outdoors in all extremes of weather, constantly exposed to wind, rain sun and snow. However, even if your system is factory or plant based, preventative care and maintenance will always pay dividends by avoiding costly plant shut-downs.

Our service engineers will visit your system at mutually agreed intervals.

A typical example would be winter maintenance on an IFD Pre-wetting Brine System where servicing is essential to keep roads ice-free during the winter months.

Depending on the precise specification of the system, our engineers would examine the following;

  • Discussion with site staff about overall system performance and any specific problems or improvements required.
  • Confirmation of correct functioning of all pumps.  If a pump is malfunctioning, our service engineer can either repair it on site or replace it with a service exchange unit, or a new unit depending on requirements.
  • Check all instrumentation is providing correct information, by calibration / testing or other checking of function (e.g. manual operation of level sensors or flow switches).  Replacement of probes or sensors at manufacturers recommended service intervals.
  • General inspection of all equipment to check for leaks, damage to pipework or cabling or any other issue, which will require remedial action during the next operating period.

We can also provide routine spares and consumables as appropriate, and will be happy to consider the supply of Consignment Spares where appropriate, to be held on our customer’s site and charged for when required to be used.

The provision of routine service visits via an IFD Service Contract will ensure that your system is correctly maintained and always in good condition, whatever the application.

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